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Your Sport Does Not Define You

There Is More To You Than The Athlete You Are


The countless hours of workouts, rehabs, and long hours, all for one match on the weekend. All for you to shine and show everyone what your capable of. In reality, that’s one day of your whole week. Is it really that serious? It is so easy to sit back and get caught up and critic every bad thing you do in your game, match, competition, etc. In reality, this part of you is such a little part of who you are. You as a person have much more meaning and purpose than what you do on the field or court.

Let’s chat about how you can flip this mindset and celebrate the little victories while prioritizing self talk and celebrating yourself through small victories everyday.


Fueling Your Brain

When you fuel your brain with positive talk, you will begin to live a joyful life. Personally, when I chose positive self talk, my days go better for so many ways. There is no doubt that I have an overall better headspace for my school work, I feel better about myself and my image, and I am more enjoyable to be around... My friends have noticed a differences. It comes down to the simplest things. A helpful tip that I use and that has helped remind me of my worth and meaning outside of sports is sticky notes. A little, colorful sticky note on your mirror with an encouraging massage can go the longest way. A quick reminder to remember who you are and how incredible of a person you truly are. This is one of my favorite parts of my mirrors in my room.

There are so many benefits that come from positive self talk. It is one of the most impactful sources of self confidence. We all know our sports are stressful. We would be crazy if we had no stress from the crazy lifestyles we live. However, I truly think this can help your self-esteem and stress management. It’s all a balance and finding what is best for you and your mental health, because in reality, this is far more important than how you you perform.

Leave The Critiquing to the Film Room

The critic we get in the film room is normal —the is a part of sports and improving your craft. We observe where we need improvement and then apply that to the reputations we do in practice. Now this is where it can get tricky… all this negative talk thrown at you. It is very difficult to not take this negative yet valid information with you outside of the facility and film room but with some practice we can do our best to prove in this area.

Here is where I want to help with some of my experience. For many years I have been one to carry all my sports related issues into the outside world and fuel myself with negative talk. Truthfully, it put a burden on me and I began to build a hatred for my sport. The sport that used to bring the young girl in me so much joy become also a task and something I dreaded doing everyday. Now, don’t get me wrong, changing the way I spoke to myself wasn’t an easy thing to do. I began writing affirmations every morning before even going into workouts or games. With this I was able to look back at this when I had those negativity thoughts fill my brain as a good reminder. You can easily relate this to your everyday life and I encouraged you to do so. Observe where you lack self confidence or positive talk and address those areas like you would in the film room but in a more positive way. Everyday is a new opportunity, a fresh start, to have a good day. It’s all up to you and I am rooting for you.

Here for You

In closing, my ultimate goal for you to gain from this post is that you are not alone. Everyone faces the struggles of trying to reach perfection. That is sports and that’s how our brains are fueled to run. You are unique for being you and no one can change that. It’s the constant battle with yourself. I also want to encourage you that if you facing the lack of self love or self positivity, reach out to someone. There are probably way more athletes out there facing and feeling the way you are right now.

What can you do today to love yourself more?

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