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One Day at a Time

Creating Balance Through Responsibilities


Would you choose to watch the same television series for 5 months straight?

There is no doubt that living the same cycle everyday does not become dull and challenging. As a college athlete, the days begin to overlap, and we go with the motions. Don’t get me wrong, when season comes around the corner, you live for the weekends, performing and showing out all you have worked day in and day out for. This is when it's easiest, when there is something motivating you at the end of each week. The lead up to season does not need to be as hard as we make it out to be.

Let's chat about the weeks when there is no pot of gold to reach at the end and you need to put your head down and work.


When it comes to days, weeks, and months, they all feel the same in the peak of pre-season and in-season. Below I have listen a few things that have personally helped when I feel flustered, overwhelmed, or just stressed to bring me some peace in the moment and get me through with a joyful and grateful mindset.

Daily Tasks

A key thing that has helped me in so many ways is planning out my week and creating goals for small tasks. Furthermore, by creating goals for task will make your tasks less of a duty but as a reward. This could even look like investing in a planner and planning out your weeks. Don't forget to add things to your schedule that is different from your sport, something that brings you joy. Additionally, I try to plan my weeks on Sundays. I highly recommend using your Sunday as a reset day to set you up for success through your week.

An article from Lucemi Consultings titled, 6 Tips to Plan Your Week Effectively states, "planning your week on a Sunday ensures you start every Monday morning feeing focused and productive."

An important aspect that I add into my planning that is a beneficial contributor to

this is celebrating the little things, regardless if they are good or bad.

Finding Joy in Things Not Related to Your Sport

Yes, sports are important, but it is also important to put yourself first sometimes. Your mental health, well being, and academics come before your sport. Finding time outside of busy schedule to do something that makes you happy.

This could include engaging in conversation or groups outside of your sport. When time persists, meet new people who have similar interest as you but have different lifestyles. This adds variety to the repeated daily routine. Something that has really benefitted me is spending time away from the gymnastics environment and engaging other topics and activities.

Feed Yourself with Positivity

It is so easy to complain and take your sport as a job and an exhausting hustle. It is not always the most enjoyable thing. Undeniably, we can take all the great things given to us for granted because we dread on the hard things. Don't get me wrong, it is hard and tiring. However, it is beneficial to flip your perspective and take it as a privilege to do what you do everyday. The ability and gift of health to do what athletes do is something not everyone has.

Lean on Your Team

Lastly, but one of the most important points, is to lean on your team in these times. I can guarantee that almost everyone 0n your team is feeling the same as you are. I encourage you to take this time to grow together and create a culture of gratitude. Furthermore, help push your team to their full potential and to reach your teams goals. You grow the most when you work hard and persevere through difficult times with your team.

Closing Thoughts...

I encourage any athlete reading this to reflect on your perspective on things and see if these tips that have benefitted me, can benefit you. Undeniably, everyone is unique and different methods impact people in different ways but it doesn't hurt to give it a shot. Lastly, I encourage you to share these with your team and spread positivity and bring joy to the athletic community.

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